10 March, 2020

Enterprise Systems: Transforming the way of business

By: Lotfi Al-Sarori

Businesses today are more advanced than ever. Successful organizations run on complex interrelated operations and perform a multitude of daily transactions generating tons of data. Diverse business processes work coherently and efficiently to generate desired results. Teams from various branches, business units, and departments coordinate together to operate an effective organization and achieve mutual goals and objectives. Business operations span several organizations relating businesses to their suppliers, customers and more.  One distinctive aspect of such productive organizations is the use of comprehensive and integrated enterprise systems.

What are Enterprise Systems?
According to Prof. T. H. Davenport, professor in Information Technology and Management at Babson College, enterprise systems are packages of computer software applications that support all aspects of a company’s informational needs. A Business system that is used to perform any business transactions within a company is considered an Enterprise System. Today, there is a wide range of enterprise systems for handling and performing a variety of tasks and activities in the organization. These systems, however, vary in their functionality and a number of factors such as organization size, purpose, industry.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Regardless of the industry your organization or business is in, having a financial management system is essential to run your finance and accounting department. A system to manage your personnel information, payroll and other related details is a called a Human Resource Management (HRM) System or Human Capital Management (HCM) System. For managing your supply chain operations from purchasing and inventory to warehousing and sales, you need a Supply Chain Management (SCM) System. And if you are a manufacturing firm, then your production processes will be more efficient with the use of a Manufacturing (or Production Management) System. For organizations with a fleet of vehicles, fleet management systems facilitate vehicle control, tracking, and maintenance. A Business Software Suite that incorporates all of the above systems, and more, is called an ERP Suite.
Besides the aforementioned systems, ERP software can encompass several sorts of other systems depending on business need. These could be systems for project management, task and time management, and more.
ERP Software is the cornerstone of any organization’s enterprise software. It encompasses systems for core functional areas such as finance and human resources, which are essential to any business. As a result, other enterprise systems with the organizations should, one way or another, connect to it to exchange and update relevant information.

Other Enterprise Systems

Software systems in organizations vary based on business need and are as diverse as the industries they serve. Besides ERP software, there are a number of systems that are common to business organizations regardless of the industry. Some of these systems are briefly described in the subsequent sections.

Customer relationship management
Customer Relationships Management (CRM) is a corporate-wide strategy for handling all customer interactions with the company. CRM software is used to manage all customer-related operations from sales, marketing, and customer service. This includes handling salesforce automation, marketing programs, and service and support issues.

Issue Tracking & Helpdesk
Software tools used for the tracking of customer issues and complaints are Issue Management Systems. They are known by other names such as Complaints Management Systems or Ticketing Systems. When used internally to handle employee issues they are referred to as IT Service Management or Helpdesk systems.  

Document Control and Archiving
Software used for handling and processing documents is a Document Management System (DMS). It facilitates the handling and exchange of all sorts of electronic documents such as text files, spreadsheets. In addition, it allows users to save copies of their paper document so they can refer to them later, save, or share them when needed.    

A Business Process Management system is software used for automating of any type of business processes and integrate it into the organization’s workflow. It allows users to easily model required processes, create relevant forms, and connect to needed data sources to automate any business workflow.  

Content Management
Online presence is an indispensable part of any enterprise business today. Businesses today cannot do without a professional website about their business, products, and services. Web content is used to advertise and spread awareness. Mobile Apps are also an effective tool for managing and sharing online content. Web Content Management Systems are used to create, update, and maintain your online content. They are used to manage diverse content for websites, business portals, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps.  

Reporting & Dashboards
Reports are an important part of any business software. Software that allows you to dynamically design and create your own reports are very valuable in the enterprise. Such systems allow you to import data from selected sources and generate reports in a variety of formats such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, and Adobe® Acrobat PDF.  Charts, diagrams, and dashboards are very beneficial in visual data presentation making it easy to read and examine.  

Business Intelligence
Every day, companies save tons of current and historical data generated from their operations and daily transactions. Business leaders need to be able to make critical decisions on the spot. However, going through this huge amount of data can be very time consuming and could even be impossible. Business Intelligence software uses tools to mine through huge amounts of data (i.e. Big Data), analyze it and present the results visually using a variety of formats such as reports, charts, diagrams and dashboards. 

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