28 February, 2022

Insurance Challenges and Digitalization in 2022

By: Lotfi Al-Sarori

Insurance Challenges
As the whole world was on the precipice of the COVID crisis and its effects, a lot of remarkable impacts were registered in business history as a whole. This impact can also be seen in the insurance industry as the pandemic had its toll on this key sector. Insurance businesses worldwide faced many challenges during the pandemic.

In this article, we focus on three main challenges facing the insurance industry in 2022. The first one has to do with the direct impact of the pandemic itself while the other two relate to how the pandemic created or intensified the need for workforce expansion and better cybersecurity.

16 February, 2022

Why the trend towards product diversification requires intelligent billing software?

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz and Lotfi Al-Sarori

In recent years, telecom has been shifting more towards product diversification. Instead of selling a simple SIM card, telcos are now expanding their sales to include wireless Internet, fiber optics, and cloud subscriptions among many other services. This trend generally stems from the intention of CSPs around the world to variegate their sources of revenue.

This diversity in products, however, raises a serious issue: How can we maintain a wide assortment of products while keeping the billing process smooth and hassle-free?

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