26 July, 2021

4 ways the Cloud can revolutionize the legal sector

By: Omar Abdulhafiz

Cloud computing in the legal sector
Cloud technology continues to have a rising impact on various industries for the past decade. We saw in a previous article how the education sector is witnessing remarkable transformation with the Cloud technology, and we can find this for numerous other sectors. If this means anything, it means that the Cloud is becoming the new mainstream in business management systems.

The legal industry is no exception. According to the American Bar Association, at least 52% of US law firms in 2017 utilized some type of Cloud-based software to run their law firm. And this percentage only continues to increase especially in the light of on-going shockwave of the COVID-19 pandemic and its huge influence on all facets of our life, including the way we do business.

Therefore, here are 4 of the most notable ways the Cloud revamps the legal sector.

12 July, 2021

How can software enhance the safety of your company security?

By: Cesilia Faustina

Security Software
Ensuring company security is crucial for the success of any organization. It is why this is not a matter to take lightly. Many businesses have spent a lot of money to ensure their safety, physically and virtually. This trend has somewhat changed now though, with the rise of self-employment and of course, COVID-19. According to Market Research Reports, the industry concentration has declined over years thanks to the rise of self-employed individuals, however, a security trend that seems to be rising is investment in cyber security. This makes sense seeing how today many jobs solely depend on their computers, and with the work-from-home trend and self-employment, this dependency can only increase.

05 July, 2021

5 Additional Features Your Inventory Management System Should Have

By: Ola Azzouqa 

inventory management
Inventory Management is an essential step in the supply-chain network. Using an inventory management system, one can keep track of inventory and stock quantities in and out of the warehouse. The objective of managing inventory is to have a clear picture of the quantities that need to be addressed and be aware of inventory locations at any given time.

While keeping track of stock manually can be troublesome and difficult, properly controlled inventory automatically sets the supply-chain management in place.

This is where Inventory Management system comes to the rescue! Having a reliable inventory management system is vital to ensure you don’t spend your time figuring out how much stock you have and avoid stock-outs. Moreover, an efficient Inventory Management system helps inventory businesses carry out crucial tasks such as tracking shipments, monitoring products levels, scanning barcodes, and more.

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