10 May, 2021

The 4 customer experience best practices!

By: Lana Bawa'neh

With all the technological innovations, business owners and especially software providers are eager to exploit the latest technological trends so they can keep up with the market competitors. They always look forward to having the best talents and tools so they can create and develop new products and services that match the market’s needs.
While most business owners are keen to keep up with market trends and put their new ideas into reality in order to increase their sales revenues, have more customers and expand their business, not all of them were attentive to enhance and improve their existing products and work on improving their customers’ experience. However, customer experience is now becoming just as important as product quality and price.

03 May, 2021

How to create the ideal virtual management process in the WFH era

By: Cesilia Faustina

As a manager, the working from home (WFH) protocol may be a bit of a challenge, especially if managing through the online sphere is not something you are used to. Fair enough, managing a team in person is hard enough, let alone remotely. Thus, the great dependency for online video calls these days (to the point where it gets annoying). Many teams forget that there is more to the work-from-home management than simply having video calls. Creating a healthy and comfortable work environment is crucial in making sure employees are doing the best to their abilities. And creating that environment is definitely possible, even remotely. Here are some tips to try and achieve it.

26 April, 2021

5 systems to make your remote work productive and secure

By: Lana Bawa'neh

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed business operations around the world. Many organizations switched to remote work in order to continue their operations. At the start, it was hard to have such a sudden change from an in-person working routine to remote working. Many organizations faced, and some of them are still facing problems adapting to this new situation.

Organizations are embracing digital transformation to overcome the obstacles in this new situation, and to ensure the continuity of their business operations. Digital technology has a great impact on accelerating work, where most challenges of working remotely can now be partially or even fully solved with the use of digital technology.

19 April, 2021

Will technology make us jobless? 3 reasons why it won’t

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

Throughout much of the industrial revolution in the 1800s and the first half of the 20th century, there was an occupation popular in many parts of Europe at the time called the ‘knocker-upper’. The main responsibility of a knock-upper was pretty simple: wake people up! A knocker-upper would walk around the town holding a long stick, baton, or even a pea-shooter to knock on people’s doors or windows early in the morning so they can get up and go to work on time.

This occupation, however, was soon to fade away with the development and spread of alarm clocks. As a result, we can already feel that these little devices have rendered knocker-uppers jobless as their services were no longer needed. But is it really as bad as it seems? In the short term, perhaps. But why don’t we look at the bigger picture?

In this article, here are 3 simple points that demonstrate how, especially in the long run, technological advancement will almost certainly not cause mass unemployment.

12 April, 2021

How to avoid being burnout at work

By: Cesilia Faustina

We all have those days, the classic being burnout from work. Most people go through this, especially when it comes to work stress and falling into the cycle of a routine. Though it is a common thing most people go through nowadays, it is still not as easy for people to deal with. And this is why it is important to understand what exactly I am talking about when I say, “burnout.” People tend to take this for granted but understanding the symptoms of a burnout is the first step in getting better and realising that there may be a problem in one’s life.

What I mean by burnout here refers to the feeling of exhaustion and unmotivated desires that may lead to mental and emotional strains. WHO defined it as a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that is characterized by feelings of energy depletion, feelings of negativism related to one’s job, and reduced professional efficacy. As was stated in a BBC article, according to Siobhán Murray, a psychotherapist based in County Dublin, Ireland, pre-burnout symptoms may be very similar to depression. This may include things like feelings of tiredness that won’t go away and relying on sugar to get you through the day.

05 April, 2021

What can a maintenance system do for manufacturing?

By: Ola Azzouqa

Owning a factory, any kind of equipment, or a fleet of vehicles requires maintaining the equipment, machines, or vehicles that are being used. As the cost of maintaining a piece of equipment is usually lower than fixing it, maintaining machinery is one of the most essential things a large manufacturing company can do for itself and its bank account.

Machines and equipment are the backbones of any manufacturing company, with production potentially slowing down or completely stopping every time a machine breaks down. Even one day without the right tools can make it very difficult for businesses to meet their production goals. This is why maintenance is key for business.

29 March, 2021

6 tips for a more efficient recruitment process

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

We all know how recruiting new talent can be tedious and complicated as finding a needle in a haystack. Especially now with the power of the Web, the job applications a single job announcement receives can be numbered in the thousands. Do you really need to sift through all these documents one-by-one just to single out a few candidates that proceed to the next level of the hiring stage?

Do you even have the time, let alone the effort, to do that? Of course not!

So, in this article, we will give you 6 simple tips that will certainly make this mission all the easier for you. So, here goes!

22 March, 2021

4 core ways automation boosts quality management

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

In the world of business, product/service quality plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy and sustainable relationship with the customer. This is a universal fact that applies in virtually every sector, from healthcare to insurance, and even microfinance. Moreover, quality management is essential for making sure the different processes in your organization are going according to a specific and sturdy plan so that all your resources are being utilized efficiently and results are being achieved effectively.

But how do we make the best out of our quality management efforts? Well, the short answer is: automation. The long answer, however, is: utilizing digital technology in automating complex, repetitive tasks and documenting the procedures systematically every step of the way.

18 March, 2021

What to expect from the e-payment sector in this new digital age

By: Cesilia Faustina

Throughout the years, the global payment sector has experienced somewhat of stability until the start of 2020 when COVID-19 struct. The changes brought by the pandemic had huge impacts on the payment industry. A McKinsey report saw the global payment industry receding by 22 percent within the first six months in 2020, in comparison with 2019. It also predicted a loss of $140 billion in 2020. The year 2020 did have a big impact on the payment sector, many businesses have slowed down or even shut down completely. This has caused a shift and greater dependency for digital means. E-payment became a huge contributor to the global payment industry and coming into 2021, people are still depending on it. E-payment is producing more investors and innovators to push the sector forward.

15 March, 2021

An introduction to user documentation

By: Lana Bawa'neh

In this modern time, people always look to the latest technological devices and solutions that can make their lives easier. When purchasing any piece of technology, people will immediately look for any kind of instructions that shall guide them through their installation, set-up, and even how to use the device. Whether it is a new mobile phone or a new washing machine, people will always seek fast and immediate support, training, and assistance.

The need for guidance is not limited to hardware but also includes software. User documentation is very important to be included in any software system. It is like a bank of knowledge that people can refer to in order to gain information at any time. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a software product; user documentation is one of them. A well-written guide improves the quality of the system and makes it easier for users to utilize without having to contact support all the time.

11 March, 2021

How software can help clinics overcome their challenges

By: Ola Azzouqa

Nowadays, clinics’ patients will not only look at the doctor’s expertise to judge the doctor, they will also look at the staff, general office esthetic, and technology used. From the moment patients take the appointment, they start forming a general idea about a practice. All of the clinic procedures, whether done manually or automatically, can have a significant impact on the patients' thoughts and perceptions. And since we only have one chance to make a first impression, the whole practice must convey quality. This is why it is necessary to have up-to-date technology that automates all of the procedures done at a practice.

According to Doctor Mohammad Manna, who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, having a digitalized system in his centre improved the way he runs his business. “Having a system that handles appointments, patients’ files, and billings saves time and effort which allows us to focus more on patient care and wellness and eventually increase their satisfaction.”

04 March, 2021

How the vaccination rollouts will affect the tech industry

By: Cesilia Faustina

Vaccinations are on the way and many countries have resorted to their own vaccine plans. With this vaccination process though, comes a new cross-innovation method, the tech-vaccine process. Many countries and government bodies have turned to technology to help organize the vaccination processes. What was once a gruelling manual process filled with long lines and risks have turned to the help of technology for a more risk-free and socially distanced process. By collaborating with tech companies, governments are able to tackle any logistical issues that may take place.

01 March, 2021

How the digital economy is fueling the wellness industry

By: Cesilia Faustina

The health and wellness sector are multi-billion dollar industries. The concept of health and wanting to have a healthy life has always existed since ancient times, however, it really gained momentum in the 1950s-1970s thanks to the influence of a network of well-known physicians and thinkers in the US. The wellness industry today has a much more different concept. What was once a top-down approach to health, where health information would be distributed from dominant thinkers and prestigious institutions, has turned into a participatory approach. The public can now easily receive information about health through various sources and distributors, something made especially apparent with the rise of the digital economy.

25 February, 2021

3 core pillars of effective information handling in the radiology sector

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

The radiology sector, much like all other areas of healthcare, has seen quite a great deal of development throughout the years. Since the advent of state-of-the-art technologies like CT Scanning and MRI, and their continuous development, the amount of medical data produced every year is enormous. Likewise, the ever-expanding applications of state-of-the-art telecommunication technology have brought more opportunities for faster exchange of medical information between medical staff among themselves, and between them and their patients as well.

In this article, we shall discuss 3 core pillars of effective information handling in the context of radiology. These pillars are:

22 February, 2021

Digital apps are helping to mitigate insurance risks

By: Cesilia Faustina

The popularity of e-commerce is a growing phenomenon, it is one that has been fuelled with the rise of COVID-19. Many businesses are forced to move into the digital sphere in order to maintain their income. This trend has now led to the dependency of insurance companies towards digital platforms. (Re)insurers are looking at the rise of digital wallets and e-commerce platforms to help them mitigate their losses and close protection gaps.

Usage of digital platforms is especially becoming a big deal with emerging markets, such as countries like India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. According to a survey by Swiss Re Institute, 70 percent of respondents expressed interest in using online channels to purchase insurance. The survey had also showed that 68 percent of the 1,800 respondents in these three countries were using digital platforms at least once a week. COVID-19 has pushed government policies to support an online environment in order to create a safer process for consumers.

18 February, 2021

Is COVID fuelling startups or stopping it?

By: Cesilia Faustina

Thanks to COVID-19 many businesses are at a standstill and struggling to make ends meet. It has created multiple challenges for the economy, which is affecting startups all over the world. Over the years, financial analysts and journalists have continuously covered stories of the development of startups. It was seen as a great contributor to the economy for the coming years. In a way, it still is, but startups are also one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

According to a survey by Startup Genome, 74 percent of startups had seen their revenues decline since the beginning of the pandemic. Even one of the most popular startups sectors, fintech, has seen decreasing profits due to the pandemic. Funding for fintech has fallen 45 percent compared to Q4 of 2019, according to a report by CB Insights. Startups will need and have taken tighter steps to reduce losses, with big startups like UBER having cut its workforce by 14 percent and other companies taking part in massive layoffs as well. Some have even been forced to shut down and start new businesses.

15 February, 2021

Beyond COVID: What role can InsureTech play in the travel insurance landscape?

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

It is no exaggeration that 2020 was a big, unexpected super blow to the global travel industry as a whole. According to the latest data from the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, “international tourist arrivals fell by 72% in January-October 2020.” This plunge had manifested in restrictions on travel and low consumer confidence. Furthermore, it ignited a global struggle to contain the COVID-19 virus. These factors alone easily made it the worst year for tourism ever recorded.

But amidst all these harsh events, there is always a gleam of hope. With vaccines going into action already, we can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. And this is a big chance for us to learn a lesson or two for the future.

11 February, 2021

Top insurance risks to watch for in 2021

By: Cesilia Faustina

The insurance sector has experienced its fair share of hardships since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to S&P, reinsurers stated about $12 billion in COVID-19 loses in the first six months of 2020. HSBC had also reported that COVID-19 claims had increased three times during the second quarter of 2020, from $6 billion to $20 billion, many of which came from the property and casualty sector. That said, such losses are to be expected for the insurance sector during a pandemic and (re)insurers are generally prepared for loss events. Overall, the insurance sector has fought resiliently despite the challenges of the pandemic, of course, financial losses will need time to work themselves out and insurance specific efforts will be needed to support this recovery. With many of the financial markets recovering though, we can only expect greater rehabilitation plans for this sector in 2021.

04 February, 2021

What does it take to make an ideal mobile app?

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

Mobile Apps are becoming the main channel of communication among almost everyone. People use them nowadays to carry out a lot of their daily activities. In fact, they even played a vital role in making our lives much easier during tough times such as quarantines, from aiding us in our remote work and education, to ordering groceries in times where merely stepping outside could get us in trouble. All this proves that a well-designed mobile app can bring a lot of joy and convenience to many people.

But what does it take to build an ideal mobile app? To answer this question, we should recognize some of the main aspects of successful mobile app creation and how to best accomplish them.

01 February, 2021

How mobile apps can revitalize the patient experience

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz 

In a previous article, we discussed the merits of web portals in the healthcare sector in some detail. We concluded that web portals may offer a great way to streamline the routine of time-consuming paperwork in a digitalized and automated manner. This will save much valuable time that can instead be dedicated to actually delivering the healthcare service patients are seeking.

But whereas web portals do their magic through web browsers, there’s another powerful element that does its magic through the smartphone. That’s right! We’re talking about the mobile app.

25 January, 2021

Everything you need to know about partner management systems in communications

By: Cesilia Faustina & Lotfi Alsarori

We are at a time where telecom companies rule all, which means incredible dependency towards the industry. It also means greater demands and expectations from the telecom sector. The rise of COVID-19 sure is not making this easier either. Network usage have gone through the roof, with many telecom companies reporting large spikes and increase in volume voice calls in 2020. These rapid changes could only mean more developments and customer interests. This is no surprise though, what is a surprise is how to handle these overwhelming expectations? 

18 January, 2021

The many handy applications of Web Portals, Part V: Telecom

By: Lotfi Alsarori

Continuing in our discussions of the value of web portals in different industries, in this article we look at the telecom sector. We have seen web portals in the enterprise, education, healthcare, insurance, and in a previous article on e-banking. The telecom sector is no exception to the utilization of this great tool. There are several applications of using web portals in the communications industry, but we will focus on the two most common areas which are customer self-service and partners portal.

Before going into the details of common web portals used in the communications industry, let’s first define the scope of this rapidly changing industry. The communications industry was previously composed of an ecosystem revolving around telecom operators. However, today the communications industry is made up of a diverse collection of what are called communication service providers, or CSPs. These are service providers that transport information electronically. They offer services ranging from telecom, information, media, content, entertainment, and application services over voice and data networks. They include, for example, telecom operators and Internet service providers (ISPs), as well as companies offering content, cable, or Cloud application services. 

14 January, 2021

The many handy applications of Web Portals, Part IV: Insurance

By: Lotfi Alsarori

The insurance industry is increasingly taking full advantage of information technologies to enable digital transformation. Insurance providers, whether they are in the life or non-life insurance business lines, are already benefiting from using business systems, such as claims management and policy administration (PAS) systems. Insurance digitalization also entails providing access of certain system functionalities to external stakeholders. Whether they are customers, partners, agents, or brokers, providing access to relevant information and providing extended services can be particularly valuable to the insurance organization. This is where web portals come into play. 

11 January, 2021

The many handy applications of Web Portals, Part III: Healthcare

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz 

In the two previous parts, we discussed the merits of web portals in enterprise and education consecutively. We saw that in the enterprise sector, web portals can play a vital and diversified role in streamlining communication and access to information among departments and business partners. Likewise, in the education sector, we looked at how web portals can substantially improve communication between teachers, students, and parents. 

Thus, to pick up the threads of our discussion on the significance of web portals in various industries, in this article, we will cover their usage in the healthcare sector. So, let’s get to it. 

07 January, 2021

It is time to invest in mobile applications

By: Lana Bawa'neh

Every day, the world is becoming more and more digital and technological, especially the business world. Technology has changed almost every aspect of business and its operations. It is not only important, but it is essential in today’s world. Technology can lead people to success easily, where one can achieve more in less time. 

Technology provides new ways that enable businesses to achieve operations and tasks with less time and effort, and sometimes it can perform these tasks on the company’s behalf. This allows business owners to improve the quality of their products and services, it could also open doors to new business ideas that benefit organizations. For this reason, organizations need to cope with existing and rising technological trends in the market to stay competitive. 

04 January, 2021

2021: New year, lessons learned

By: Lotfi AlSarori

We start our new year with new hopes, wishes, and plans looking for better lives and pleasant experiences. It has been a challenging year for all of us, for the whole world. With a new year starting, we are hopeful to move on with what wisdom and experiences we gained in 2020 to help us build a better future for ourselves, families, and our businesses. 

The COVID pandemic has taken a big toll on our lives and impacted about everyone in the world one way or another. With new vaccines having been deployed and administered as we speak, this cloud of hardship and uncertainty is moving away and out of our lives, leaving us with many lessons to learn moving forward. 

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