12 July, 2021

How can software enhance the safety of your company security?

By: Cesilia Faustina

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Ensuring company security is crucial for the success of any organization. It is why this is not a matter to take lightly. Many businesses have spent a lot of money to ensure their safety, physically and virtually. This trend has somewhat changed now though, with the rise of self-employment and of course, COVID-19. According to Market Research Reports, the industry concentration has declined over years thanks to the rise of self-employed individuals, however, a security trend that seems to be rising is investment in cyber security. This makes sense seeing how today many jobs solely depend on their computers, and with the work-from-home trend and self-employment, this dependency can only increase.

Cyber security has become a main factor in keeping businesses secure and out of harm’s way. New dependencies on technology and the pandemic has brought increase to the global cyber security sector, with a 7.6 percent growth in 2020 (valued at $153.16 billion). This growth is presenting the urgency of cyber security. Various sectors today are investing in technology and software to help them accomplish tasks and increase productivity. Since the pandemic struck, it has almost even become a necessity. That said, it is more important now than ever to understand how these digital tools can also bring greater protection to the business.

Here are some security benefits to going digital.


Keeping things on track

A software system is designed to keep a safe and smooth process for the users. This includes keeping track of all the logs. Having work processes done through a digital platform will allow all activities to be recorded to ensure nothing fishy is happening. A comprehensive software security system should also be able to track all types of activities, from successful logins to unsuccessful ones, as well as the overall login history and other activities performed through the system.

Tracking a user’s digital footprint can help ensure things are in order and avoid any mischievous attempts.


Recorded errors

Going digital also means businesses can track and record all the errors that occur within the system. This may include things like error logs, bugs, command errors, etc. Having a detailed record of these activities will help to pinpoint any suspicious activities and/or inefficiencies within the company and be ready to take action. Having these errors on sight will help to reduce any future errors and perhaps even solve any backlogs caused by it. Any recorded faults will help to create the ideal mitigation plan.


Password management

Passwords are great access codes to help us enter our database, and definitely needed to ensure a safe work environment. Secure software will provide an encrypted database for all your passwords, especially when having to deal with companies with large number of employees. Some software may even provide suggestions for strong passwords and request a change of password to guarantee extra security for access. There is also password management software by themselves, if somebody is going through a hard time tracking their passwords, that can help users store all the different passwords they use. These tools can help with managing the amount of passwords we constantly need to use in the online sphere. These types of applications also provide an encrypted database that can be accessed through one master password, so users do not need to worry about forgetting their passwords all the time. The recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox browsers come with built-in tools to help online users keep manage and store their passwords in one place.


Limited accessibility

Business software typically has the ability to limit access to users. This is especially useful if somebody is working in big teams with confidential data here and there. Most of these software systems allow the admin to limit certain information to other users, depending on their needs and tasks. Having this feature will make it easier for employees to focus on their own tasks without the risks of having any data leaked. As most organizations must know, data leakage is not uncommon, especially for big multinational companies. Going online does not mean businesses should let their guards down, in contrary, it should provide greater protection for important information.


Thorough reporting

Reporting and analytics are another benefit to the software lifestyle. Having everything tracked and performed online means all data will also be recorded online. This will create a much easier process when observing analytics and creating reports. In fact, many software systems already come with the functionalities to automate the reporting process. These systems will provide auto-generated analytics based on the task and work progress and create an automated report. Some software may provide this in the form of customizable dashboards as well, where users can pick and choose the information they need (in easy-to read formats).

Having ready-to-use information and reports can come in handy not only to analyse work progress, but also any suspicious activities and anomalies that may occur. Whether they may be something or nothing, having user-friendly analytics on hand will help to improve business overall.

Just some points to think about for those looking to ensure business security through digitalization. Though just a few of the many benefits cyber security can bring, the most important thing to remember is to ensure the security of any company workflow, especially in today’s technology revolution.

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