28 December, 2020

The many handy applications of Web Portals, Part II: Education

By: Omar Abdulhafiz

Web portals in education

In the previous part of this series, we briefly discussed what a web portal is and shed some light on what it can do for the Enterprise sector. We talked about two main types of portals, the Intranet portal and the Extranet portal, and addressed each one in some detail.

In this part, we move on to discuss how a web portal can be applied to serve the Education sector. And in fact, the web portal can be greatly beneficial for streamlining communication in Educational institutions, be they schools, universities, or other types of academic institutes.

So, without further ado, let us dive into it.

21 December, 2020

The many handy applications of Web Portals, Part I

By: Omar Abdulhafiz 

In the world of web applications, many innovations have emerged throughout the years that have revamped the way we do things. Starting from 1989 when English computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee first laid the foundations of the Worldwide Web itself, and all the way to the invention of social media platforms, each of these big inventions has changed our world in its own way. And one of these inventions is the concept of the web portal. 

In this article series, we will be discussing the various applications of web portals and how they can enhance the way we do business. But first, let us briefly talk about what a web portal is. 
So, what is a web portal? 

17 December, 2020

Internet solutions are fuelling the COVID holiday season

By: Cesilia Faustina

The holidays are just around the corner and everybody is getting busy, whether to finish last-minute tasks before the holidays or maybe to buy all the essential Christmas presents. Point is, there always seems to be a lot to do during the days leading up to the holidays. Unfortunately, with COVID all around, it’s getting tougher to finish all these tasks, which is why many of us are looking for online solutions.

Thanks to COVID-19, PR Newswire reported an expected growth of $968.7 billion in global wireless internet service market in 2020, compared to $569.2 billion in 2019. They also expected this number would eventually stabilize at $717.9 billion in 2023. Obviously, this is nothing to shrug off. If we look at the IFC’s report on COVID’s impact on the telecom sector, we can see that the global telecom market is improving and generally not restricted by the impacts of COVID.

14 December, 2020

How event management is expected to change post-COVID

By: Omar Abdulhafiz

The coronavirus pandemic came as a super blow to the entire event management industry. Not only corporate and business events were cancelled, but even social events such as weddings and graduation ceremonies. This dramatic impact raised a lot of questions about whether people will ever be able to gather physically in large numbers again, and if yes, then how soon?

All these concerns have immediately influenced the way we think about event management. For example, videoconferencing software used to be a supportive tool to host guests that were unable to be present physically. Now, however, they became our only way to hold large events over the Internet where we are all far from one another.

10 December, 2020

What is an intranet, and how can it add value to your organization?

By: Ola Azzouqa

The idea of having an internal communication system started back in the sixties, and it kept evolving. The functions of past business intranet software have paved the way for the modern intranets we have today, which is an all-inclusive digital workplace that provides employees with everything they need to do their job. It connects employees through social media, allows them to collaborate and create content, and uses the latest technology to keep your enterprise at the frontlines of the digital age. 

Intranets can augment your employee engagement, facilitate internal communication, and streamline processes. They are also used to disseminate knowledge and improve collaboration within the organization. 

07 December, 2020

8 things you should be looking for In an Incident Management System

By: Lana Bawa'neh

When you are offering a certain service or product, one of the most important things that you should be considering is the after-sale customer service, which sometimes most business owners neglect. They usually focus on the sales and marketing processes to attract and acquire new clients, but not all of them consider the after-sale services, which are very important to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and retention. The after-sales process also strengthens the communications between the seller and buyer, in addition to increasing the loyalty of your customers. 

Whether it is a big organization or small, having a service desk is a must-have to ensure successful communication and follow-up processes with your clients. 

03 December, 2020

Why social media tools are the solution to your business marketing?

By: Cesilia Faustina

Social media has become such a crucial part of our lives. From conducting business and connecting with friends to forms of creativity and self-expression, social networks contribute a lot. This dependency on social media though has made us unable to live without it, especially when it comes to handling business. 

The growing social media market 

Most promotions and advertisements are conducted through social media nowadays and with COVID still on the rise, we can only assume that this social media business model will continue. According to a report by Datareportal, Akamai reported that global Internet traffic has grown by as much as 30 percent in 2020. With 4.57 billion people using the Internet and 99 percent of social media users accessing via mobile; the popularity of social media is no joke. 

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