03 December, 2020

Why social media tools are the solution to your business marketing?

By: Cesilia Faustina

Social media has become such a crucial part of our lives. From conducting business and connecting with friends to forms of creativity and self-expression, social networks contribute a lot. This dependency on social media though has made us unable to live without it, especially when it comes to handling business. 

The growing social media market 

Most promotions and advertisements are conducted through social media nowadays and with COVID still on the rise, we can only assume that this social media business model will continue. According to a report by Datareportal, Akamai reported that global Internet traffic has grown by as much as 30 percent in 2020. With 4.57 billion people using the Internet and 99 percent of social media users accessing via mobile; the popularity of social media is no joke. 

We can conclude from those figures that social media has not only become immensely popular but also easily accessible thanks to the rise of mobile apps. If you’re a marketer out there, these figures are one to remember as many marketing activities should centre on utilizing social media, but I’m sure everybody knows that already. As we dive into the world of online efforts, we start to see increasing amounts of social media marketing activities. And these endeavours will continue to rise with greater tech innovation and opportunities. As COVID-19 is still a serious issue in our lives, the use of social media will also continue to be a great pathway for people to use it on a more intense basis. 

The rise of social media tools 

The numerous factors at play here may overwhelm us with the constant need to post and get social media tasks done. It is because of that, there are now plenty of social media tools and software popping up; used by many companies and agencies to help deal with their social media needs. This trend of using social media tools is more than a trend though, as it can properly help with your business marketing. 

The popularity of sites like Buffer and Hootsuite is no coincidence, these tools were created to help handle all the social media content and activities of the everyday business. Yes, using these tools are very convenient, but they are more than just convenient. When used wisely, we are looking at a whole new business workflow. 

Here are some factors as to why social media software is the ideal solution to your marketing. 

Everything in one platform 

Social media management software and tools provide all the features to post, analyse, moderate, etc. through one complete platform. This is not only convenient when needing to handle your posts, this also means you don’t have to constantly change between one platform to the next. Instead of say copy-pasting the same text over and over again into different platforms, you can literally just create one post for multiple platforms all at once. You can even schedule your posts beforehand and it’ll automatically post for you on the day, so you can prepare way ahead. 

On top of posting, you can even create custom reports for your social media analytics and reply to comments, like, tag, posting stories, all the usual stuff you get to on social media. The only difference is, it’s all there, on the tool, ready for you to utilize without any hassles. This will cut marketing time by a long shot, saving time for everyone involved in the process. 

The ideal team solution 

Using social media tools will definitely help when it comes to working in teams, and I’m guessing most of you do. Most of these software and platforms provide access to multiple team members where the people involved can essentially have access to their main tasks. It also means that you don’t have to give multiple people your business account details, risking any security breach, or worst getting locked out of your business account. 

Overall, using a social media management tool will just make life for your whole marketing team easier. In some software, you can even track the activities of some of your team members, so life just got two times effortless. 

Security concerns no more 

As I was just mentioning, handing out your business accounts to various team members is a risky business. It’s best if you could avoid that when possible. Using a social media tool can help do just that. Not only in regard to providing access to team members though, but some software can actually provide you with the ability to restrict access to the members of your choosing and provide access to others. That said, these type of platforms and software also have powerful security systems to ensure all your tasks are safe and protected.

Anyways, there are plenty of reasons for you to go for a social media software, from saving time to just plain ease. Of course, I’m not going to make you use a social media management tool here, do whatever works for you, but as a marketer, the powers of a social media management platform can have a great impact on the whole team dynamics and workflow. It definitely saves everybody the trouble while still producing quality results. If used wisely, it can demonstrate a powerful marketing workflow amongst the team and bring powerful results at the same time. 

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