30 August, 2021

How microfinance is making communities prosper

By: Lana Bawa’neh

stacks of coins with buildings and microfinance statistics
A lot of people, or even small organizations, might face complications in obtaining small loans and other basic financial services. Microfinance is a key strategy that can support people in such situations. It enables them to become financially independent by fulfilling their financial needs and allowing them to achieve their goals in times of economic difficulty. This is where the need for microfinance institutions comes into play to help those people or organizations grow and flourish.

Microfinance institutions make it easier for people and small enterprises to access loans, insurance, and investments and get the money they need to improve their businesses.

23 August, 2021

How to empower your employees to become decision makers

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

Manager discussing work to his team members.
In the business world today, a successful company adopts an agile and dynamic business model. Long gone are the days when business administration depended on a highly bureaucratic and restrictive scheme of work. As the world continues to move at a much faster speed, the need to adapt to changes becomes ever more critical.

And one of the major steps every company should consider taking to establish a dynamic business model is to promote a certain degree of decision-making among its staff members.

But how can you do this successfully? Here are some key aspects to think about.

16 August, 2021

8 Features Every Document Management System Must Have

By: Ola Azzouqa

Document Management System
Companies typically generate a lot of documents every day, and they depend on a variety of documents and records. If your organization relies heavily on creating and managing documents like most businesses do, you may find it hard to keep them organized.

That’s where a document management system, DMS, comes into play. A DMS that allows you to easily capture, store, and retrieve documents can offer several advantages for your organization.

09 August, 2021

The double-impact for zero-conflict course schedule management, part 2

By: Omar Abdulhafiz
Vector image about timetable management

In our previous article, we stated that there are two main systems for creating a conflict-free course schedule. Then, we discussed the role of the registration management system in creating it. In this article, we shall pick up where we left off and discuss the role of the other element we briefly mentioned: The timetable management system.

And to begin with, it is safe to say the conflict elimination is one of the most critical missions of a timetable management system. The more the system can generate a coherent, efficient and conflict-free course schedule, the more we are inclined to consider it a powerful and reliable system.

02 August, 2021

The double-impact for zero-conflict course schedule management

By: Omar Abdulhafiz

vector image about student registration
Across the entire education sector, there are two major challenges: Creating a class timetable that is conflict-free, and –particularly in the case of universities and colleges-- resolving any conflicts that may occur during the course registration process. These two challenges are a well-known concerns in both the K-12 as well as on the higher-education levels, although with varying circumstances and magnitude.

Even as students, nearly all of us have been through the struggle of having to register for two courses only to find out that they overlap, or even take place at the exact same time. It is thus no question that this problem causes a hindrance to the overall efficiency and smoothness of the educational process. But how do you solve it?

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