11 April, 2022

Paper vs Digital: The Power of Going Paperless

By: Batool Abu Zaghleh 
Paper VS Digital: The power of going paperless

Have you ever imagined a digitalized world where you don’t need to use a single piece of paper in it? Well, welcome to digital transformation.

The idea of creating a paperless office was first theorized in 1975 by Vincent E. Giuliano. Almost five decades later, many offices have not managed to make the leap to a paperless environment.

What does it mean to go paperless?

Going paperless is the act of limiting the use of paper in an office environment by converting paper-based processes into a digital form. For instance, you can request tasks, give approvals, and file documents without the need to use a single piece of paper. Thanks to software systems that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

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