10 May, 2021

The 4 customer experience best practices!

By: Lana Bawa'neh

Customer experience
With all the technological innovations, business owners and especially software providers are eager to exploit the latest technological trends so they can keep up with the market competitors. They always look forward to having the best talents and tools so they can create and develop new products and services that match the market’s needs.
While most business owners are keen to keep up with market trends and put their new ideas into reality in order to increase their sales revenues, have more customers and expand their business, not all of them were attentive to enhance and improve their existing products and work on improving their customers’ experience. However, customer experience is now becoming just as important as product quality and price.
The ultimate goal of knowing your customers
Before diving into how to map your customers’ journey and improve their experiences, it is very important to know your customers. Knowing your customers can help greatly in understanding their needs, and when you understand their needs, you can better plan your business and know what services exactly you can provide. Hence, you can get new leads and more sales.
To better understand your customers you should think of the below questions:
Who are your customers?
What are their exact needs? What are they looking for?
What are their problems?
What could you do better to improve the quality of your services?
What changes can you perform to make them loyal customers?
Having answers to the above questions can help you better identify your customers, better plan what areas you need to improve or change, and of course better strategies and tactics for your customer experience. Hence, knowing your customers will make things easy to create a quality experience.
Mapping out the ideal customer journey
After collecting all the relevant data of your customers, and identifying what areas of improvements you need to consider, it is now time to map out their journey! It is very important to determine the main steps and processes that the customers will go through when using your products.
 But the question is, how can you improve your customer experience?
Follow the below four customer experience best practices:

Personalized system

You can’t just have one system and try to sell it to everyone out there; you should make your systems personalizable so they can fit your clients’ needs. For example, you have to consider the organization size you’re dealing with, their business, their market requirements, and their needs and challenges.

Good training

You should also invest in your customers' training on the provided product or service. It will make it easier for them to know the overall processes and how to deal with any issues that might occur. Providing good quality training and user guides can also reduce the support team or customer service team’s efforts in dealing with customer inquiries and requests.

Customer service

Your role won’t finish when you sell your product, in fact, it all starts here, where you need to provide your clients with all the support needed to use the system. You should stay in touch with your customers and provide fast and immediate troubleshooting.

Customer feedback

You should always collect feedback from your customers on the provided services or products. In fact, there are many ways you can do so, like interviews, surveys, direct communications and following up. Regardless of what method you use to get the feedback, make sure to take actions and let your customers feel that you care about their opinion.
There are many other factors that help in having a successful customer experience, but the above are the key things that you should focus on.
You might be thinking about why you need to improve your customer experience? What are the main benefits of it?
  • Increase your customer
  • Increase customers loyalty
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales
Customer experience improvement benefits

Customer experience is crucial nowadays, providing a high-quality customer experience can help you to stay on top of the list amongst your competitors. In addition, it helps in attracting and retaining loyal and satisfied customers.
Customer experience cannot be a one-time action only. You need to continuously focus on improving and enhancing customer experiences to continue to grow your business.

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