31 May, 2021

Why blogs are important for business

By: Cesilia Faustina

In marketing, there are plenty of strategies employed to aim for greater audiences and creating the right brand. As audiences diversify and demands change, these strategies constantly need to develop and keep up. One of those strategies that are commonly used to keep up with these changing times, is blogging. Marketing now has taken over the digital space and blogs are one of the digital solutions being utilized to improve business performance. As a marketer, you may ask why we waste our time about blogs though? It’s not like blogs are solely dedicated to talk about the company’s products anyways. Well, there are plenty of reasons businesses create blogs, and it can not only help you to sell products, but also create the ideal brand for the company.

Here are some reasons why blogs are important for business:

Create the ideal branding

Blogs are not just there as an extra side-show; they are there because they can help support the branding a business is trying to portray towards their audiences. Creating a blog allows businesses to create personality and establish themselves as figure of authorities. Blogs expose the type of subjects a business likes to talk about and claim to be experts in. It creates greater legitimacy for the brand, on top of that, businesses can also showcase their different ideals and characteristics through their writings, as well as the blog’s aesthetics (from colours to graphics). Think of blogs like creating an Instagram page. The way one would brand their Instagram page with the right topics, colours, and images, they can do via a blog, except with blogs, businesses can show even more diversity and be more descriptive with their content. Blogs are ideal tools for branding, so do not waste them.

Finding more leads

As a business, one needs to think about how they can reach more customers. Many businesses do this through various platforms of call-to-action. A blog functions as one of those platforms. Blogs allow audiences to form and become more interested in the business. As a blog becomes more famous and popular, that means the business has established a good brand for themselves and it has also become trust-worthy amongst its viewers. This can result in greater lead generation, as it does not limit a business to their website. It opens up greater avenues for potential customers to connect more with the brand and what they specialize in.

Develop a community and followers

As mentioned, the more a blog becomes popular, the more likely it has become trustworthy amongst the public. Once a blog has dedicated readers and audiences, it helps to form a regular community that base itself around the blog and its contents. This means the business has a group of followers that are interested in what the company specializes in. Aside from helping to generate more customers, having communities and support surround a brand creates more trust and an image of authority. It shows that this business is worthy of people’s time and people enjoy what they do.

Promotion and advertisements

Obviously, in marketing, the aim would be to promote the product and services that a company represents. This is definitely something also possible through a blog. Not only can businesses refer their websites and call-to-action links from the blog, but they can also think more creative, like creating advertorials or writing a case study about one of their services or products. Articles are the new ads and many businesses look at more creative and subtle ways to promote services and products, especially in the digital sphere.

Grow partnerships and business model

Blogs can also help businesses to expand their income generation and partnerships. If a blog becomes popular enough, a business should be eligible to sell ads, with other businesses being easily interested. In addition, it also creates greater opportunities to connect with other companies and brands who are looking to promote their business. Businesses can do cross-promotion with different partners, where not only will they be receiving valuable promotion time from partners, but they will also help out those same partners in return. The option for partnership and growth are bound to expand when blogs are utilized correctly.

The utilization of blogs should not be taken for granted. When used the right way, there is so much that can be accomplished from having this platform. In times of digitalization, it has become ever more important in today’s marketing strategies. So, whatever the business, blogs can always help to achieve a greater outcome.

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