29 November, 2021

How telecommunications have become inherently integral to our lives

By: Lana Bawaneh
telecommunication is integral part of our lives

The word telecommunications comes from the Greek prefix tele-, which means "distant," combined with the Latin word communicare, which means "to share."

From the beginning of time, people tried to figure out many ways to communicate remotely with each other. Starting with the primitive methods of communication to deliver some kind of messages, such as drums and smoke signals to mechanical communication devices such as the telegraph. Back then, the telegraph helped a lot in shortening the communications from days, weeks, and even months to only hours.

The technology also extended with new inventions such as the telephone, the radio, television, and later, video telephony, satellites, mobile phones, and the Internet. All of these technological advances changed how people live and communicate.

The great shift in telecommunication
Surprisingly, the concept of telecom as we know it today is not exactly new. It goes at least as far back as 1837 when the first commercial telegraph line was opened in London. Then, it goes all the way toward 1878 and 1879 when the first two commercial telephone services were established in Connecticut, US, and London, UK. From then on, the telecom industry began to develop gradually. However, it was the invention of the computer and, later on, the Internet made a giant leap in revolutionizing the way we communicate with each other, access information, and learn about other cultures and civilizations that seemed so foreign before then.

Nowadays, telecommunications technology has become an integral aspect of our daily lives. We have become so dependent on it as it keeps us connected to our loved ones and enables us to seamlessly communicate with each other. A letter that took months to fly from one country to another in the past merely takes a tap on a screen today to reach its destination within milliseconds.

The importance of telecommunications

Telecommunication technologies continue to expand and develop to bring people around the world closer to each other more than ever before. It is also doing an incredible job in making people’s lives and work as convenient as possible.

So, what makes telecommunications so valuable? Here are a few things to reflect upon.

In Education
With the use of telecommunications, people now have full access to learning opportunities. Using only a computer or smartphone with an internet connection, people can conduct research, read a book, watch tutorials, and more.

Telecommunications services help students enjoy the benefits of e-learning and distance education. It enables them to get high-quality education from anywhere in the world.
Many educational institutions have already been adopting a blended learning style; this style combines both the classroom and online learning. Check out this article to know the benefits of the blended learning method.

In Healthcare
With the growth of technology nowadays, patients and healthcare providers can have instant and easy contact. Patients can now get a full remote monitoring and even video consultations from the convenience of their homes.

Telemedicine is playing a vital role in delivering different types of medical care. The various types of technology using smartphones, computers, the Internet, videoconferencing have enabled medical providers to provide the needed care for their patients without the need for physical existence in many cases.

Telemedicine has indeed proven quite useful in maintaining continuous communication between doctors and their patients, read more to know all about telemedicine.

In Business Interactions
Companies are now relying on telecommunications to foster operational efficiency and stimulate steady growth. Want to fully comprehend the full scope of benefits telecom provides businesses?

Here are a few examples.

1. Customer service
Customer service is a very dynamic field and requires instant and convenient communication between customers and their vendors. In that sense, the role of telecommunication technology is very critical. With around-the-clock access to the Internet, for instance, customers can reach out to their service providers at any time through a variety of channels. This, no doubt, is a crucial facet of delivering high-quality customer service.

2. Information Sharing
Thanks to advanced telecommunications services and tools, transferring data became easier and faster. Regardless of the data type, it can be instantly transferred between continents with a click of a button or a tap on a smartphone.

3. Collaboration
Telecommunication services and tools provide the access and communication capabilities needed to bring employees together and manage progress on any project or task. This has even made it possible to form virtual teams of professionals located in distant parts of the world and have them work together in remarkable harmony!

4. Flexibility
Telecommunication services offer a range of flexible work options which companies and individuals can adopt. Using video conferences, video calls, and virtual meetings, employees can work from home or join any meeting anywhere at any time. In fact, this great degree of flexibility encouraged many big companies to adopt a hybrid model between in-office work and remote work. As a matter of fact, ESKADENIA Software is also benefiting from this model allowing employees under certain circumstances to work from home, an option that was not there before the pandemic.

Wrapping up…

These were some example applications of telecommunication technologies out of many others. We may take it for granted, but the moment we lose connectivity for any reason, we realize how it has become a vital part of our personal and professional lives. We appreciate how easy it has made our lives in so many aspects.

Telecommunication is a crucial part of our modern world. People all over the world have utilized the development in technology to accomplish almost everything, even their day-to-day operations. It has completely transformed how people communicate and navigate their personal and professional lives. The pace of technological development shows no signals of slowing down. With the need for humans to connect and communicate, this industry will most likely continue its upward growth. And with 5G deployments, amazing things are being enabled by telecommunications, from self-driving cars to a wide range of IoT, AI, machine learning, and other advancements.

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