26 April, 2021

5 systems to make your remote work productive and secure

By: Lana Bawa'neh

Remote work
The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed business operations around the world. Many organizations switched to remote work in order to continue their operations. At the start, it was hard to have such a sudden change from an in-person working routine to remote working. Many organizations faced, and some of them are still facing problems adapting to this new situation.

Organizations are embracing digital transformation to overcome the obstacles in this new situation, and to ensure the continuity of their business operations. Digital technology has a great impact on accelerating work, where most challenges of working remotely can now be partially or even fully solved with the use of digital technology.

While organizations are practising remote work, there were increasing demands on acquiring software systems that shall help in processing work procedures. In this article, here is a list of the five most important software systems that can support everyday workflows.

Here are the five systems to make a productive remote-work routine.

HR system

Beyond the significant role of HR to make employees feel comfortable adapting the new norms, organizations need to run business operations smoothly without the need of being at the office. Using HR systems can help businesses handle personnel management, payroll, vacation and leaves, talent management, time and attendance, and other HR aspects all from one place. Expand your knowledge and read this article related to HR management.

Time tracking

Using such a system can help employees to become more efficient, organized, and get more things done. This can improve the overall productivity. Time tracking systems are very helpful in remote working. Employees can organize their tasks without the need for direct supervision, it will also allow supervisors to stay updated on the work status. Find out how time tracking systems can boost team performance.

Marketing system

Since all events and meetings are becoming virtual due to the pandemic, there has to be a system that can manage all these events and make them as productive and successful as the physical, if not better. Marketing systems can efficiently manage all the marketing activities by allowing you to track, create, and organize the marketing campaigns and events along with their related activities and budgets. They can be used for both physical events as well as virtual and online events and marketing campaigns.

Employee self-service

This is a very important tool to have because it digitalizes the communications between employees and the HR department. Employees can update their personal information, view their salaries and benefits, their vacation balances, and more. By using this tool, organizations can ensure a reduced load off the HR department, especially when responding to employees’ requests and inquiries. HR personnel can then focus on more critical issues.

Document management systems

The move to remote work has exposed the need for an advanced document management system. This requires employees to access, share, edit, archive, and transfer documents easily and securely. These systems have brought some major benefits to the business in terms of instant data retrieval, secure files sharing, versioning, controlling permissions, and more.

To know how to choose the best DMS that suits your business, read this article.

Wrapping up

During these challenging times, acquiring software systems that support business operations is essential because it will allow companies to adapt quickly to the new norm and respond quickly to sudden business changes. Organizations need to keep investing in digital transformation and business systems so they can be more flexible to be able to keep their businesses up and running, cope with challenges, and stay competitive.

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