04 March, 2021

How the vaccination rollouts will affect the tech industry

By: Cesilia Faustina

Vaccinations and the tech industry
Vaccinations are on the way and many countries have resorted to their own vaccine plans. With this vaccination process though, comes a new cross-innovation method, the tech-vaccine process. Many countries and government bodies have turned to technology to help organize the vaccination processes. What was once a gruelling manual process filled with long lines and risks have turned to the help of technology for a more risk-free and socially distanced process. By collaborating with tech companies, governments are able to tackle any logistical issues that may take place.

Countries all over the world are trying their best to roll out the vaccines as quickly as possible, which is a huge challenge for many. In some regions, cases are still increasing, which puts even more pressure on the vaccination stage to go well. Countries like the US are some going through this challenge, with over 300,000 new cases in January, they are fighting to contain the virus. Apparently, 25 percent of vaccines get degraded globally, which is why it is important to have major stakeholders in the vaccination process plugged into the technology network. Things need to be done quickly and accurately.

How technology has helped

As mentioned, technology has been at the forefront of the vaccination distribution. Many vaccination distributors are looking at SCM systems to help them with the manufacturing and logistics of everything. In fact, many companies are looking to digital systems and software to manage the whole process. From SCM and CRM systems to data management and clinic management systems. This is the case for many vaccine distributors in India. While in the US, the government has utilized ticketing service from Eventbrite to organize vaccinations in Florida. Not to mention, they are also trying to establish supply chain software partnerships.

Furthermore, there have also been talks about vaccine passports in Europe. Iceland, Hungary, and Estonia have signed up to trial tests on a pilot technology which would create a QR code to track the status of somebody’s vaccinations, from the point of manufacturing all the way to border control for travellers. Of course, other than the developments of a vaccine passport, many people are also depending on EHR technology for help. Many medical providers are utilizing EHR to document vaccination records and the eligibility of patients. This includes the use of web portals and mobile apps in registering for vaccines and keeping records. Countries like the UK depend on their digital medical providers for medical check-ups and needs. Digital transformation is becoming the normalcy today. Medical providers now depend on digital health service online as their new normal, somewhat of a foreign concept before the pandemic. Many apps help to connect people with and vaccination distributors with medical providers.

Technology is creating a cycle that supports the vaccine rollouts, from the manufacturers to the public. In a world where distancing is essential, having technological means help to support this. Such methods can help accelerate the vaccination process while saving cost on distribution, manufacturing, and more.

What does this mean for the tech sector?

We are witnessing a digital plan on a global scale when it comes to vaccines. With this in mind, we are likely to see more countries and companies becoming more involved in this idea. More governments will utilize these technologies to try and achieve their vaccination goals, which means there will be strong ties between government regulations, pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, and tech companies. This will create more opportunities for tech companies with new business regulations and government schemes. In addition, we can expect the tech sector to gain popularity and increase in stock market (more than it already has), which means greater investment for the sector.

Never before have we invested this heavily in digital innovation, and the tech sector seems to be continuously transforming and improving. Utilizing technology can help countries stay regulated while ensuring everybody receives their share of the vaccine. COVID-19 is providing an opportunity for the digital sphere to thrive, mind you, there will always be challenges and hardships that come with COVID-19, but technology here can be used to save lives and help people keep going.

There are many case studies we can learn from in implementing technology in the vaccination rollouts, what was mentioned in this article is just a few of many. Countries are looking at digital opportunities to increase efficiency in solving the pandemic and we can only expect greater innovation and involvement from the tech industry.

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