12 February, 2020

The 7 Key Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

By: Lana Bawaneh

As digital technologies are controlling industries from different sectors, organizations are spending large efforts to capture the benefits of these trends and to keep up with competitors. As a result, they are starting to shift more toward digitalization. Managing work manually costs organizations time and effort.

Paper-based processes have existed for so long, and this has sufficed in the past. However, time has changed, and with the rise of technology, law firms are looking for more effective ways of running their work.

The old-fashion ways of managing legal firms were highly paper-intensive and this has very little place in our digitally-driven world today. As such, establishing a digitalised system has become more essential than it has ever been.

The massive amount of information and documents is a major problem in law firm management. In the past, these usually occupy big physical space in order to be archived and documented properly. Searching for papers amongst all the archived files will consume a lot of time and effort, even if they are organised; not to mention the negative effects on the environment as a result of intensive paper consumption.

Another problem is the accessibility of these papers. Since dealing with legal cases requires high levels of security, due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of the information they contain, some restrictions shall be implemented in the storage area in order to keep the files secure.

Automating the entire legal lifecycle can make it work much easier!

The most common concern in law practices is what value such software systems can bring to the efficiency of legal practices compared to a paper-based process.

A legal case management software system helps to consolidate all information related to a legal matter. It also supplies any and all the tools that may be necessary to conduct a case follow up. Moving from paper-based practices to electronic processes offers law firms many advantages in managing work including, but not limited to:

Client Management
Having all your clients listed in one place with the ability to filter and search for them quickly is what makes having a legal case management system necessary.

Case Management 
With the huge amount of case-related data, you will need a system that helps you organise all of your document and information in one place and keep them secure and easily accessible. You will no longer waste valuable time finding any information such as client personal information, bills, court hearings, descriptions or deadlines.

Time Management
Sticking to certain dates in law firms matters a lot! Since deadlines are a crucial part of each case, a legal case management system is built with accurate features to handle these deadlines and never miss an important date!

Document Management
With the existing of a document management feature, you will be able to easily store and retrieve your clients’ documents. Having all the information that is related to a certain client stored in one place allows you to access them in an instant.

Security Management 
Maintaining clients’ confidentiality is considered a major concern for law firms. Professional systems shall ensure that all files are safe and backed-up automatically and regularly. Moreover, accessing files and cases shall be restricted and accessed by verified users only.

Financial Management
Using a legal case management solution, you can handle and track all the financial transactions that are related to your clients.

Reporting Management 
When choosing a system, you should take into consideration its ability to generate reports and control the settings of these reports in order to measure different aspects of cases.

Through the use of a digital legal case management system, you can manage details of all cases from one place. This creates a cost-effective environment and fulfils your legal matter management requirements in an instant so work can be accomplished faster and more efficient.

Software systems can help law firms increase efficiency, be more organised and increase revenue. Whether organizations are looking to implement their first solution or replace their outdated case management software, they should take all the benefits into consideration. Certainly, no two solutions are the same, so they should consider the advantages that will best suit the needs of their law firm.

Once you streamline your business processes, the quality of services will improve, customer satisfaction will increase and business profit will rise.

Check out ESKA IDBARA, for an example of a powerful yet flexible law firm management system.

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