08 April, 2020

How education management information systems (EMIS) can enhance the educational process

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

It goes without saying that education is the cornerstone of any nation’s growth, welfare and prosperity. And as the world shifts towards a more and more digitalized and technology-driven way of life, the need for newer, more innovative methods of education management rises. And this is where information and communications technology comes to the rescue.

Information technology has been playing a critical role in streamlining routine tasks and procedures that used to be highly demanding and time-consuming.

Tasks such as creating files for new students as well as storing, managing and updating files of current students used to be quite inefficient and paper-intensive not so long ago. But with the fast development of education management information systems (EMIS), however, such tasks are becoming more and more augmented and automated.

They are comprehensive and simple to implement systems that can cater to just about all the technical aspects of school management, allowing you to better focus on getting closer to your students and giving them the care that they deserve.

Your students are your highest priority

As a school principal, your most important task is to provide a safe, secure and healthy learning atmosphere where your students would spend most of their day away from their families. This essential aspect of school management is known as student affairs. With the help of a high-end school management system, you now have a set of powerful tools to give you detailed information about all your students’ needs or concerns. This enables you to track and tackle all your students’ problems as they arise.

Reduced staff and teacher workload

It goes without saying that the days of having to go through heaps of paperwork and making sure no document goes missing or damaged are long behind us now. With the advancement of technology, all these documents are now digitalized and can be stored retrieved and managed with point-and-click simplicity. This results in a significantly reduced workload for teachers and staff. Instead of having to spend a lot of effort sifting through heaps of papers, they now have a chance to better dedicate their time and efforts to truly catering to their students’ needs.

Keep the parents in the loop

Although parents are not technically part of the school system, it is a no-brainer that they have a quintessential role to play in the success of the educational process. And without their active involvement in monitoring their children’s academic and social performance, the educational process will simply be incomplete at best. Furthermore, they also deserve to be aware of what their children are doing at school where they spend the biggest chunk of their day. This can be achieved by technologies such as cloud platforms and easy-to-use smartphone apps through which parents can easily take care of many things from tracking financial matters to monitoring their kids’ academic performance in full detail.

Smooth out the admission and registration processes

With the fast spread and development of the internet and its applications on smartphones and other ubiquitous devices, the hassles of admission processes that tend to take a long time to process are becoming a thing of the past. The trend has now shifted towards automated admission and registration processes that are stored on databases instead of papers and processed with almost a fraction of the time it used to take to process them. Moreover, with the use of feature-rich and easy-to-use web applications, portals and dashboards, families and students no longer need to be at the premise of the school or university in order to apply and keep track of their admission and registration processes. They can now carry out all these tasks from the comfort of their homes.

Technology-driven curriculum development

It is clear that, in the current day and age, computer literacy has become a quintessential part of the overall literacy in communities and societies worldwide. For example, the Internet and its various applications have become as essential and ubiquitous to our daily lives as water and electricity. And so in short, the need for an educational atmosphere that actively involves information technology has now become more crucial than ever. With that being said, the adoption of a cutting-edge Learning Information System (LIS) can help in the process of producing curriculums and educational environments driven by information technology. It also aids in providing a curriculum-based assessment of the students’ academic performance.

Enhanced education management

One cannot stress enough the role that EMIS systems can play in enhancing the overall education management. But for the sake of brevity, we will shed the light on four main applications where EMIS systems can be of great benefit: 

Exam management 

A good EMIS can streamline the exam management process by facilitating the creating of question pools, allocation of exam venues and automation of the grading and assessment processes.


A dynamic e-learning management system makes it much easier for teachers to communicate to kinds of information and study materials to their students on a regular basis. Likewise, it makes it easier for students to access the latest coursework, grades or exams information any time from the convenience of their smartphones or home computers.

Extra-curricular activities

Coordinating extra-curricular programs across the different departments of a school and academic institution can often be cumbersome. But what a comprehensive education management platform this no longer needs to be the case.

Cloud access

Cloud access can make it much simpler for teachers, students, parents to keep in the loop of the various events, announcements and financial matters anywhere, anytime.

Library management

Any school or university must include a library. Therefore, library management is an essential feature of a comprehensive school management information system. Books, periodicals and other materials must have a robust system to manage them. As such, a library management system automates all the processes of library management including registering new items into the library as well as managing the book-lending process.

Document management

In the old systems, much of the administrative effort was wasted on taking care of strenuous and often repetitive tasks such as filing, copying, signing and so on. And while these little tasks are essential for operating the school system, they really hold no real value in and of themselves and can be a big waste of time and resources. To solve this issue, a powerful education management information system (EMIS) comes equipped with a versatile document management system. Now, all you’re going to need is one feature-rich dashboard to handle just about everything, from managing admission forms, retrieving necessary documents or storing them into the database, through managing your school’s finances and all the way to producing certificates for your graduate students.

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