02 April, 2020

Learning Management Systems, a must-have for the future of youth education

By: Cesilia Faustina

learning management systems
The education realm has always been a topic of debate. Conflicts of what is considered good education on top of the nightmare of student loans and price hikes will always be a recurring issue in society. So yes, the education sector does have some issues, that said though, there has been a major shift in the way people are viewing the education process and methods. I am referring to the rise of the digital sector.

It is no coincidence that we are witnessing various online learning platforms popping out here and there, technology has officially taken over and the education realm is seeing this as a great opportunity. Technology is making it easier for people to receive an education, as well as save cost on receiving that education, many people also see it as a tool for the future.

Education and learning, especially amongst the young generation, is headed towards a more competitive market, therefore many educational institutions are looking to the ICT sector to help obtain a competitive edge. In order to fill the gap between traditional methods of learning and real-life applications, many institutions, teachers and trainers are using learning management systems.

The LSM definition

A learning management system (LSM) is a software application for the management of educational courses or training programs; this may include administration, tracking, documentation and reporting of all learning activities.

This software is used to help manage daily activities of learning management. In fact, according to Allied Market Research, the LMS market was valued at $4,396 million in 2016 and is estimated to reach $15,391 million by 2023. As this market is becoming bigger, many institutions are viewing it as the perfect solution for today’s youths.

As the ICT industry is becoming more high-tech, so are the young generation that grew up with it. An LSM is becoming the standard for many educational institutions, as youths today are becoming more technologically aware, an LSM can be utilized to improve workflow efficiency and provide faster and more accurate learning methods and materials.

The shift from manual to digital

From the last decade, we have seen a great increase in the adoption of technology, especially those being incorporated into primary and higher education. Education institutions utilize learning management systems in order to enhance the traditional education system.

These systems function to boost the everyday learning method and explore the different methods of creating an efficient learning outcome. Aside from handling content delivery and administration, an LMS can also handle fees management, timetable, online exams, grade book, library management and more.

Most LMS also come with multiple access portals or a web app to make accessing learning outcomes much easier. These portals can usually be personalized based on the type of user accessing them, such as a portal for students, teacher or parents perhaps.

Another powerful tool of e-learning expansion is the Cloud. More organizations are making sure all learning outcomes are uploaded to the Cloud. A cloud-based LMS is how most institutions are adopting a tech-based education system. That way, everything can be shared online and directly accessed when needed, in addition to ensuring secure and encrypted data that will support the efficiency of an educational institution.

E-learning is becoming an integrated part of the learning system with educational organizations providing online courses, course notes and assignments being accessed online and much more. Technology is utilized in all aspects of education and it is becoming a major requirement in today’s education system.

Driving trends

This change to an e-learning system is especially supported by the tech-savvy young generation. Why e-learning is especially effective for education today is because technology is a key lifestyle for youths today.

The utilization of smart devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptops has led to a culture of doing everything electronically. Connecting via your very own personal electronic devices is becoming more common in the education and corporate sphere, so it is no surprise that technology is becoming the main tool for youths today.

In fact, the academic industry has the highest market share for global learning management system in 2018, which showcase the dependency of the education system towards digital transformation.


The education sector is going hard when it comes to innovation, and surely it acts as the best option for today’s real-life practice, especially with education being so prominent for the youths.

It is safe to say that this industry is heading towards a digital transformation, and rightfully so. It is only a matter of time before the education sector fully adopts a digital outcome for all categories.

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