18 June, 2020

Top 5 healthcare technologies that's changed the game

By: Cesilia Faustina

Within the last decade, we have seen great developments in the healthcare sector. The rise of demands and changes in the industry has led to an evolution in healthcare workflows. This evolution lays in the power of technology. Technological developments have changed the game for healthcare providers all over the world. From becoming a painstaking manual hassle to a fast-paced insurance-ready process.

Thanks to the rise of healthcare technology and smartphones we now see improved innovation for the sector, where patients are not limited to in-house consultation anymore, but can even receive medical advice from the comforts of their homes, something extremely useful for today’s new normal.

One of the growing trends amongst healthcare providers includes the rise of healthcare Information Technology (IT), where the market was valued at $125 billion in 2015 and is thought to reach $297 billion by 2022. As our dependency for technology rises in these times, we are probably witnessing these numbers increase drastically.

Healthcare IT is clearly not going anywhere, even the Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted jobs for health information technicians would grow by 12 percent through the year 2024. Past data and new ones are showing growth for this sector and it has definitely grown within the last decade. With COVID-19 majorly affecting the world though, we are probably going to see more growth for the next decade to come.

This is why we want to look at some of the game-changing technology that’s impacted our healthcare system thus far. Here are 5 healthcare technology that has revolutionized the sector.


Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have both been incredibly useful tools for all healthcare providers all over the world. The features provide electronic records of the patients that cover the patient’s chart or medical history, known as EMR, and the patient’s records from multiple doctors or overall health, known as an EHR.

EHR and EMR provide great solutions for a long-existing issue of manual processing. Having important data of the patients’ and doctors’ available digitally means the convenience of automation. Information can be easily updated and shared directly with simple clicks of buttons. This also subtracts human error in the healthcare equation, and a sector like healthcare cannot afford to have errors.

Financial systems

Another revolutionary tech that has not only helped the healthcare industry but pretty much all sectors, is the rise of financial systems and e-payments. This is especially important for the healthcare sector because healthcare providers need to deal with insurance. An automated method of calculating costs created fewer chances of errors, as well as simplifying the overall process.

Having an automated revenue management system also helps patients and insurers with handling any claims and premiums. It creates a much simpler and more direct process for healthcare providers, patients, and insurers when looking to handle billing.

These systems have reduced the hassles of payment where all billing and invoices are also documented and easily distributed for all parties involved.

Patient administration management

With the rise of digital software, the patient administration system was born. This system helps to document all patient registrations and medical consultations through digital means. This creates a more organized system when it comes to handling patients, making it much more convenient for everybody involved.

The patients’ data and information will be fully documented including any personal, insurance, and referral information. It will also automatically make any updates and changes based on the progress of the patient. Such a system has made the jobs of healthcare provider’s easier by creating a virtual world for providers to document appointments, whether directly or via smart portals. In turn, it also helps out the patients; instead of having to deal with long lines that get nowhere, patients can now simply arrive at the designated time. Most systems also come with a notification feature so the patients and providers can keep track, who would complain about that?

Inpatient management

Inpatient care applies for hospitals, where the development of inpatient care systems has really helped providers to organize and manage all inpatient activities. Caring for your patients in the confines of your facility is no laughing matter. Healthcare workers need to ensure that all patients are receiving the right treatments and their regular check-ups. A simple mistake in tracking your patients can be the difference between life and death, which is why the rise of software to help with this process has really helped greatly.

A software system for inpatient management can track the patients' contact information, progress, medications, transfers, discharges, and even beds and wards usage all through one platform. All this information will be available digitally, creating a complete database for all patients and facilities in the hospital.

Portals and Mobile Apps

Portal technology here means smart access to healthcare providers in the means of apps or web access. With the birth of smart devices, it was only a matter of time until the healthcare sector started joining in, and boy was it great. The convenience of booking an appointment digitally just makes all the difference.

Since the rise of healthcare apps and web access, administration and registrations have become so much easier to do. Simply find the speciality you are looking for, sign up, and book an appointment. It creates a direct process when dealing with healthcare providers, as well as a direct process when dealing with patients. Some healthcare providers have even taken it up a notch by providing online medical consultation services for any applicable conditions.

Having all activities done through your mobile phone and electronic devices has become the ultimate convenience in leading a new normal.

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