18 May, 2020

Tips for unemployment and career change in uncertain times

By: Cesilia Faustina

man lost his jobFaced with uncertainty, many businesses are having to let go of employees, while others are shutting down; many people are at a cross path as to what to do about their futures. The rise of COVID-19 has made a huge gap in the economy, with many industries unable to operate and businesses coming to a halt. People that were looking for jobs are now having an even harder time, and those that have to halt their operations are looking for some career changes.

In America alone, 4.4 million people filed for unemployment insurance due to the coronavirus not too long ago, while other countries are also going through the same problems. S&P Global has also stated that job losses in the Asia Pacific could double to the virus.

Many companies are forced to shut down, even manufacturers, a key industry for the growth of the economy. Purchasing power for top economic countries, such as China, USA, Japan and the Eurozone have all experienced a decrease since the start of the virus.

Job searching and career changes are not easy tasks, but it is what it is and sometimes, life forces us to change or start a new chapter in our lives. It is one thing to stay positive and another when it comes to survival, for some of us, it is time to buckle down and expand our skills set.

Obviously, this is easier said than done, and surely, a lot of us may be having some difficult times at the moment, but this doesn’t mean it’s a time to give up. Looking for a new job or trying out a completely different industry can help us to be more skilful and break out of the rut that we’re used to.

That said, here are some tips to help you prepare for the changes ahead.

Be flexible

Flexibility is key to not only in the job market but to life. Let’s be honest, half of us don’t end up at our ideal or dream job, many of us, have had to adapt to new goals; in fact, most of us don’t even end up in the same field as our degrees. Think of this new journey as something of the same, you have to adapt and be flexible to job opportunities, because, hey, we need a job.

On top of that, looking for new work and/or a new career is already a big step because we are officially out of our comfort zone, a thing I feel many of us need to do more. Life is a series of risks, so the fact that we are actively taking it is a good sign. It will help you to understand and respect different environments and situations better, as well as make you into a more desirable asset in terms of your diverse skills set.

Take a personal look

Get up close and personal with all the new options presented to you. If you are looking at new career opportunities, then try doing some research or asking people you know about the industry, or if you are interested in joining a specific company, also ask around about how things work and why it will or won’t fit you.

By asking people you know or people in the field, you can get a better idea of the type of tasks or environment you might have to face as an employee there. Just because something looks great from the outside, doesn’t mean it would fit you on a personal level.


The number one tip for any career-seeker. People will constantly tell you to network, and you know what? They’re right. Your network is very important, it allows you to meet new people and build relationships that might be useful for current job searches or even future purposes. Other than that, it’s just fun to meet new people, and you would probably end making some great friends along the way.

Try to utilize any platforms that you can, like LinkedIn. We are under quarantine after all, so what can be better than to start networking online, while you’re bored and looking for something to do. A majority of people who get jobs are made from referrals of other employees, so make sure to keep working on building your relationship and utilizing it as best you can.

Try some classes

Taking on some online classes is also a great strategy during such process. If you are looking to try a new career path, maybe try learning a little bit more about the industry by taking some classes. This will not only let you get a feel of the industry and tasks but also enhances your skills. Either way, whether you are looking to change careers or stay in the same lane, adding new skills is always a plus for your CV, especially with certified online classes.

Expanding your knowledge will be a great way to learn something new and make yourself stand out in the job market.

Be patient

Patience is key in all this uncertainty; waiting for the pandemic to end, looking for a new job, finding the right career path, none of it is easy, but it is important more than ever to maintain patience and humility. You will eventually find a job and the pandemic will end, it is something we humans will be able to adapt to, but it will take time. Time is something we need to learn to have and appreciate, and eventually, things will find a way to work themselves out.

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