28 July, 2020

Save Earth for a better future

By: Rinad Hammoud

Have you ever asked yourself how are we over-consuming natural resources or why it is important to protect our home planet?

Earth is our home, it is what we need to survive, thrive, and develop. Earth’s nature provides us with all the essential factors that we need to be alive, including water, land, forests, oil, rocks, soils, fuels, animals, minerals, air, and others.

Tapping into the supply of Earth’s natural resources (renewable and non-renewable resources) is the basis of our life; we use all these resources to support our every day activities by producing food, buildings, energy, goods, vehicles, plastic, and other life necessities.

What we don’t think about usually is the amount of consumption for these resources and what damages are we causing to the environment by extracting, processing, and using all these resources.
Therefore, we should do everything in our power to protect our environment and decrease our use of natural resources to help save our planet.

Here are some tips that we can follow to transform the way we consume natural resources and save our planet.

National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration suggested some great ways to go green and help save nature, which you can find below:

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Follow the three Rs to help cut down any waste and reduce space for our environment.

Conserve water

Use water efficiently and reduce unnecessary water usage.

Think before printing

By saving a ton of paper, you can save 17 trees, 26500 litres of water, and 682.5 gallons of oil.

Save electricity

Turn off lights and unplug chargers and appliances that are not in use, such as computers, laptops, TVs, and Air Conditions.

Recycle materials

Recycling helps conserve natural resources, such as timber, water, and minerals, and prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials.

Plant a tree

Trees provide us with food and oxygen. They help save energy, improve our air quality, provide us with food and oxygen, and help combat climate change.

Move your body

Our vehicles are a major pollution contributor, producing significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and others that’s why we should walk and use bicycles more, and drive less.

Watch what you buy

Buy less by purchasing stuff that you can consume before they expire which will help you save money, minimize waste, and improve your environmental footprint.

Don’t use plastic carrier bags

Our reliance on plastic bags has created environmental problems such as groundwater contamination, and ocean debris. Therefore, make sure to use reusable grocery bags rather than plastic bags.

Use non-chemical de-icers

Choose non-toxic chemicals in the home and office and don't send chemicals into our waterways.

Buy energy-efficient stuff

Buy modern appliances as they consume less energy than the old ones, such as freezers, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, air conditions, hybrid cars, LED light bulbs, etc.

Use solar energy systems

Solar energy for our environment including reducing air pollution, decreasing water usage, limiting our dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, and helps to fight climate change.

Go digital with books

Use e-books if you can. E-books help save trees by decreasing paper use and reducing the energy used for production and packaging.

Protect wildlife

Do one thing that can help protect wildlife no matter how small it is, such as adoption, volunteering, donation, not purchasing products made from endangered animals, etc.

Go green tips

By preserving nature, the planet and all its inhabitants are guaranteed a substantive source of healthy fresh air, better water quality, and less climate change. In addition to the increase in biodiversity and habitat protection and reductions in greenhouse gases (GHG).

Let us think about nature more seriously, start with yourself and share the knowledge!

Contribute to a healthier and happier world

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