13 July, 2020

What can HRM systems do for educational institutions?

By: Omar Abdul-Hafiz

HR in education
In the education sector, much like in every other sector, the importance of maintaining a competent and well-qualified workforce cannot be emphasized enough. And to achieve this, it’s essential to provide your HR personnel with a powerful and comprehensive system to help them manage all these responsibilities to the best of their ability.

In this article, we are going to shed some light on the main merits a good Human Resources Management System (HRMS) can bring to your school or educational facility.

Hiring & recruitment

Hiring highly qualified academic staff can be a daunting task especially in big institutions, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
With a comprehensive HRMS, this task can be easier than ever.

Streamlined sorting of applications

Instead of having to go through stacks of applications, resume’s, and other documents manually, an HRMS presents them all to you electronically in an organized and convenient manner. You may then sort them and analyze them attentively and create a shortlist of the applicants that have met your criteria.

Streamlined recruitment procedures

After the analyzing and shortlisting stage, the next step is no simpler. This is when you have to set up interviews, send job offers, and further hiring steps.

A reliable Human Resources Management system consists of two main parts: a back-end and a front-end. In the back-end, your Human Resources officers can define the vacancies you are looking for in full detail. Such details can include the qualifications needed for this position, as well as the assessment process required. For instance, a certain vacancy may require the applicant to take an IQ test, or a technical test, or both; and then it requires an interview, and so on. And all these details are defined in full detail in the back-end part.

On the front-end, however, this is where the vacancies are published on the website for the applicants to see and apply to. The applicant is then presented with a form where they shall fill in all the information required. After that, they will be officially registered into the system and, through a comprehensive dashboard, can view all the vacancies available, as well as the ones they apply to.

The hiring committee

For every vacancy, there is a hiring committee responsible for studying all the applications, shortlisting those who meet the requirements, and disqualifying those who don’t. Thus, they have their own dashboard through which they can perform these tasks, and leave notes where applicable.

Interview management made simple

After creating a list of candidates for a job position, the interviewing stage naturally comes next, and it can get a bit hectic at times. A powerful Human Resources Management System, however, can give you a much smoother interviews management experience. It enables you to send automated calendar events to you candidates inviting them to the interview, and also send a similar message to your interviewing personnel notifying them of the details of the event.

In some cases, a vacancy may require two or more interviews as previously defined at the earlier stage described above. A good HRM system should therefore automatically take this into account when applicable.

Online exams

A good feature worth considering in this regard is the ability to conduct online exams. The types and quantity of exams are specified at the earlier stage of defining the vacancy and mentioned previously. After that, the system facilitates exam management and evaluation by helping you book the time and date of an exam, and then communicating this information with the applicant who is supposed to take this exam.

Then, the system calculates the final score exams and sends it to the hiring committee for further evaluation.

Staff affairs management

Aside from the hiring process, managing your staff affairs is no straightforward task either. It requires keeping track of many details concerning their attendance, vacations, compensations, medical insurance, and many more details.

Worry no more, however, as an advanced HRMS can get you through all of these hassles with ease.

Attendance & leaves

With a Human Resources Management Software, tracking staff attendance, leaves, and vacations becomes a smooth and automated process. The system enables you to devise systematic and clear workflows starting from when an employee sends a leave or vacation request and all the way to its processing and approval or rejection.

Salaries & payroll management

Managing staff payroll is a very delicate and sensitive process. It involves calculating employees overall dues, tax deductions, raises and other allowances, and with all of this done manually, there can always be a chance for error. These errors, however, can be minimized and even eliminated by using a proper HRM system that can automatically handle all these details for you.

Performance, evaluation, and training

A vital aspect of human resources management in schools is keeping track of your teaching staff’s performance and conduct periodic evaluations of the quality of their work in class. Also, you should be able to make sure they are all well-trained and abreast of the latest advancements in education methodologies and technologies. And given the right HRM system, these duties become more organized and effective.


Similar to how the recruitment process works, the evaluation and appraisal process also consists of a back-end and a front-end. In the back-end, this is where all the KPI’s and evaluation criteria are defined. On the front-end, however, this is where all the surveys, questionnaires, and appraisal forms are to be presented, answered, and submitted for evaluation.

A 360° appraisal experience

The evaluation and appraisal of a certain employee can come in multiple perspectives for a complete view of their overall performance. For instance, there’s the self-appraisal, where the employee is asked to evaluate their own performance; then there’s the manager’s appraisal, then peers’ appraisal, then the HR appraisal, and finally the annual evaluation.

Following that, certain recommendations can be presented to the employee as to how they can improve their performance in the next period.

Training & development

Under a comprehensive Human Resources Management system, you should be able to keep an easy-to-access electronic database of all your staff’s qualifications and certifications for reference when needed.  Furthermore, the system would enable you to easily manage your staff’s further training and development requirements to keep them all armoured with the latest knowledge and expertise needed for delivering the high-standard level of education to their students.

Document management and reporting

Keep track of all your staffs’ information and documents is a very tedious and sensitive process in the traditional paper-intensive HR systems. Not less trouble also is report generation. But under a state-of-the-art HRM system, all these troubles become a thing of the past.

A powerful Human Resources Management system spares you the hassle of maintaining a large room full of big dossiers and papers and turns this whole process into a simple, automated point-and-click experience.

Reporting is another great merit of an advance Human Resources Management System (HRMS). It allows you to automatically produce all types of high-quality reports based either on built-in templates that come with the system, or other customized templates of your choosing.

Employee self-service

We have seen by now how a comprehensive HRMS can enable your HR personnel to handle their tasks in a more organized, augmented, and convenient fashion, but it does not stop here. A good Human Resources Management System also gives your staff the ability to serve themselves, access all their information, submit leave requests, communicate with the other departments, and more, all through a single fully-fledged dashboard.

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