01 July, 2020

5 factors encouraging pharmacies to utilize pharmacy information systems

By Omar Abdul-Hafiz

Generally speaking, Healthcare Information Systems have brought numerous benefits to the healthcare sector. From streamlined data analytics to cost control, these systems turn all the operations that were once manual and time-consuming into automated and fully organized hassle-free procedures.

But more specifically, let us talk a little about Pharmacy Information Systems. According to experts, Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS) have been highly effective in facilitating pharmacists’ tasks in managing the medication process.

In this article, we will focus on five main factors that encourage pharmacies to benefit from the features of the Pharmacy Information Systems, and they are as follows.

Streamlined information management

Managing massive amounts of data in a pharmaceutical institution is a very sensitive process. It involves collecting the data from various sources, converting these data into useful information, and then analyzing it all and making decisions accordingly.

The bad data cycle

One of the biggest issues facing healthcare workers is something we can refer to as the bad data cycle. It happens when data of low quality is being circulated within the system making it hard for the various departments to process and utilize them.

The bad data cycle

How to prevent this vicious cycle?

A Pharmacy Information System with strong document and information processing capabilities enables pharmacists to synthesize massive volumes of data produced by the pharmaceutical operations. Then, it makes it possible to process all this information and successfully utilize it in planning, estimating demands, allocating resources, and monitoring management operations.

Validation of prescriptions

Upon releasing a prescription to a patient, it is essential to verify that it does not conflict with any other medication they are already taking or any medical condition that should prevent them from taking it. Also, the prescription needs to gain authorization from the Insurance agency that is covering the patient’ medical process.

Rule-based approvals and alerts

A reliable Pharmacy Information System comes equipped with automated rule-based approvals and alerts systems that warn you whenever a certain prescription is in conflict with the prescription specifications. Moreover, it also alerts you when an insurance pre-authorization is required before that item can be released.

Enhanced revenues and claims handling

When it comes to handling claims and getting reimbursed, things can get messy quite easily. For that reason, managing all these documents and processes could use the help of an automated and efficient revenue management system.

A high-end system allows you to seamlessly issue financial payments, bills, e-claims. It also enables you to process insurance reports and maintain instant access to patients’ information across insurance providers to ensure your patients are fully covered.

When it comes to reimbursement, a good system can make this process pretty fast and straightforward for you with the ability to generate e-claims.

Automated supply chain management

Taking care of the supply chain and managing the inventory is another one of those duties that can pose a serious challenge in pharmacy management if not handled effectively. For the reason, automating the supply chain can be a very good step toward alleviating the hassles that may surround it.

A powerful Pharmacy Information System comes equipped with high-end supply chain management capabilities to augment all your procurement and inventory duties. For example, it enables you to conveniently create, approve, and dispatch requisition request among all your supplies at once. Additionally, it also lets you compare pricing offers among different suppliers and choose the ones that suit your needs best.

Smart access and self-service

Giving your patients and payers the ability to serve themselves and access the information they need conveniently is among the fastest emerging trends in the healthcare sector nowadays. Enabling your patients to access their information, contact their doctor, book an appointment, among much other stuff, gives them a feeling of being on top of their medical process. Likewise, smart access can help payers, such as insurance companies, to quickly access the information they need, review the patient’s diagnostic information, and issue payments as appropriate.

Smart access can be implemented by utilizing Internet web pages and smartphone apps that are professionally designed to be feature-rich and user-friendly.

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