07 January, 2021

It is time to invest in mobile applications

By: Lana Bawa'neh

Every day, the world is becoming more and more digital and technological, especially the business world. Technology has changed almost every aspect of business and its operations. It is not only important, but it is essential in today’s world. Technology can lead people to success easily, where one can achieve more in less time. 

Technology provides new ways that enable businesses to achieve operations and tasks with less time and effort, and sometimes it can perform these tasks on the company’s behalf. This allows business owners to improve the quality of their products and services, it could also open doors to new business ideas that benefit organizations. For this reason, organizations need to cope with existing and rising technological trends in the market to stay competitive. 

An example of these trends is mobile technology. Mobile technology has improved significantly over the past few years. Mobile phones, which were used in the past only for voice communications (and later basic texting), can do much more now. They can make people’s lives easier with the advanced features and diverse apps they provide. With their different interfaces, sizes, functionalities, models, and brands they are developed to suit everyone’s needs and budget. 

Because people now rely greatly on their smartphones to perform almost all kinds of activities, we see many organizations are starting to offer their services and products through mobile applications. When it comes to business, mobile technology can give a great boost to business owners towards productivity and efficiency. It enables people to access their business anytime and anywhere and perform a wide range of simple and complex operations on-the-go with minimal time. 

Many organizations are moving forward in adopting mobile technologies because of the great impact they have brought to business. Mobile apps provide the opportunity to increase customer base, brand popularity, and therefore, increase sales and revenue. 

A mobile application needs to have great functionalities in order to grab the customers’ attention and get them to want to use it, which is why it should at least have the following features: 


It is true that people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, but definitely, no one likes to spend much time waiting for an app to open or load. So, speed is one of the essential things one should take into consideration when developing a mobile application. 


Mobile applications should be simple and easy to use by end-users. The steps and sequence of an application should be clear and concise to enable users to access and accomplish their needs quickly and easily. If the mobile application was difficult or complicated to use, end-users might feel frustrated and they might stop using it. The main point of such applications is to enable people to achieve more in less time, so the design should have fewer screens and steps. 

Appealing Interface 

People love to see colours and bright screens, so when developing a mobile application, one should take into consideration choosing eye-grabbing colours and themes that will blow the customers away. This will create a positive journey for the customers, in addition to the awesome features of course. 

Push notifications 

Sending push notifications to customers will increase their engagement and will allow them to stay up-to-date with any new announcements. It is way easier for users to check their updates and messages using mobile applications rather than checking their email. Sometimes they might even miss an important announcement because they did not check their emails. Push notifications can function as an effective communication channel to contact customers directly. 


It is true that mobile technology is very useful, but it also needs to be very secure. Because most mobile applications request personal data and may also request payment information, having a well-secured mobile application is a must. This is one major concern with the Internet in general, but it is even a bigger issue for mobile users since they use their phones in many aspects of their lives and they want to be sure that their privacy is protected. 


Since people are looking for a fast and easy way to perform their tasks, they would appreciate if the applications they use have a support feature, which will allow them to submit their enquires and incidents anytime and anywhere. A prompt action to resolve issues will not only keep users happy but will also enhance the application functionality since actual users are the best source of information on how to improve the app’s capabilities. 

These are the key attributes that should be considered when developing mobile applications, especially for business. The main point here is to provide users with the best tools and features in order to gain their satisfaction, grab more potential users, and start increasing revenue. 

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