06 August, 2020

The 5 Must Have Software Systems in Every Organization

By: Lana Bawa'neh

There is no doubt that technology is a key factor in almost every business nowadays. Not only in businesses, but it has made our lives much easier than ever before. Technology has been and will continue to be an essential part of our lives. 

These days, a lot of organizations and companies are investing in advanced software systems to get their work done quicker with higher efficiency. These tools were made to stimulate growth and make businesses more competitive.

In this day and age, these companies depend greatly on these software systems and it’s becoming more and more uncommon to be seen not using them. So, whether you are starting a new business or you already have one, software tools are the way to go. In fact, there are some must-have software systems that you need to have in your organization to bring out the best for your business. You will find a wide array of powerful tools in the market, some of them are considered to be simple and some are complex, but they all have the same aim, which is increasing your productivity by automating and optimizing manual processes and operations.

We can’t deny the positive impacts that technology has brought to the business world! And as mentioned by Robert Kolaski in Industry Today, “It’s no doubt that technology is the driver of success for modern businesses.” Read more to know the role and importance of Technology in business. 

The benefits of technology in business

Regardless of the business of your organization, there are some software systems that you need to have in order to have your work done smoothly and efficiently. These are business information systems that are essential to any organization looking to invest in business technology to streamline its operations and boost overall productivity.
Here are the five must-have software systems that will benefit your business!

Financial system 

Many organizations are switching to automated financial systems to achieve their goals and reduce the time and effort needed to perform financial tasks.  The financial system’s features might vary depending on the type of business for the organizations, but all of them must include basic features that support essential financial operations such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and reporting. These systems have proven their efficiency in handling and streamlining complicated processes, reducing errors, and they allow better money management to track the organization’s spending. 

HR system

The need for a human resources management system is increasing in today’s world because of its significant role in organizational development. These systems usually provide a comprehensive set of modules to serve all human resources’ needs such as personnel management, payroll, time & attendance, talents management, training, recruitment, and self-services.  

Inventory system

An inventory management system helps to manage and keep track of the inventory and stock items, which helps in preventing product shortages and avoid having too many items in your warehouse.  When using an inventory management system, you ensure error reductions, which make your business more efficient. In addition, automating your manual processes helps save time, effort, and resources needed for them to be accomplished. 

Workflow system 

Mapping out your business into a workflow system allows you to get a clear and organized view of your business and your process. The power of having an advanced and well-developed workflow system will automate your ideas and processes and enables you to integrate them into your main business flow. 

Document management system

Managing documents manually is not an option anymore; every organization should consider having an advanced document management system. Document management systems are responsible for managing, tracking, storing, and transferring all documents and files in organizations.  These systems help in reducing the time and effort consumed in searching and retrieving data, they also allow backing up data periodically, and ensure storing document securely.

Must-have software systems

Having all of these systems can ensure your work efficiency and productivity. It’s also very important to have a good integration among these systems to ensure you have easy management and simple processes. By integrating these systems, you will merge the advantages of all the systems together which will make it easier for you to control and manage your business. 

It is very important to take into consideration the vendor or company you are buying these software systems from because once you have these systems you will need support through and after running them. It would be especially beneficial if you can have all of these systems from one vendor so that they can have the same theme and behaviour and they would integrate easily.

Kindly consider what ESKADENIA Software has to offer in this regard. ESKADENIA provides, along with all of the above-mentioned systems, a wide variety of software systems that cover different industries and different business needs. 

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