14 January, 2020

The recruitment management system and its benefits for HR today

By: Cesilia Faustina

Employees are the core of every business. But unfortunately, hiring them can be quite a hassle. We all understand the necessity for maintaining your human resources and the process of finding them. This, however, does not change the difficulties of actually trying to find the right employees.

According to a report by Grand View Research Inc., the global HR industry is expected to reach 30 billion USD by 2025. As the population is rising, more and more people are in need of employment. Companies are now becoming more overwhelmed with the number of applications and finding “the right one.” We are now looking at new ways for businesses to simplify the recruitment process. Technology is playing an important role in how we conduct our daily routine, seeing how organizations and technology are now interrelated with each other.

Many companies today are utilizing HR technologies to help them conduct all their HR tasks. HRMS (Human Resource Software Management) is now the priority when it comes to dealing with employees. So with all the hype of this technology development era, it is time to find out why HRMS is such a big deal for organizations today.

What is HRMS?

First of all, let us understand exactly what HRMS is and what it does. HRMS is a human resource management system designed to accelerate and simplify the whole HR process. Its purpose is to facilitate all the tasks and duties of your Human Resources department, with recruitment being one of the most important of these duties.

So yes, this sounds great and everything, but how exactly is this going to affect the future of recruitment? What can we expect and how exactly does it help?

Simplicity in managing job details

The complications of trying to find the right person for your business is always a nuisance. It’s the issue of making sure people fit with your job descriptions and having the right skills. As we all know, HR recruiters are constantly getting bombarded with CVs, not that they are always relevant to the position. With recruitment management software, recruiters can easily separate the applicants into groups and saved electronically within one platform; one that you can open up again any time you need. This digital and categorized list can help in going through CVs and qualified applicants in half the time, not to mention make recruiter’s lives much easier.

Customization for your applications

The good thing about having a digitized platform is the opportunity for full customization. Most HR software is customer-based, as in they are created based on the customer’s needs or even requests. This means recruitment software can be catered to your requests. The customization also continues with other features, like being able to choose your criteria, application forms or any other parameters out there. You can even choose an action to be optional, mandatory, turn it off, hide it, etc. Creating a powerful customization process makes running your recruitment process into a simple and efficient one.

Have your application process & team always on check

Through a recruitment system, you may also track all recruitment activities that go on; meaning you will be able to see who interviewed who, who are your candidates, who are your recruiting team and more. Having clear records and archives of your recruiting activities create less chance of mix-ups and errors, along with the opportunity to go through your archives again if ever needed.

Greater opportunities through one platform

No doubt that the millions of online platforms today have made recruiting even more difficult. You find applicants from LinkedIn, e-mails, recommendations, etc. There are many ways you may find candidates, less time to sort them out though. With an HRMS, you have all steps, applicants, and more into one digital platform. This means you can create greater organization and accuracy; in addition to saving you time and effort of having to go through all these different platforms as well. You can definitely see how having a system like this can save you a lot of wastage, which essentially is no wonder companies and businesses are now looking to technology to solve their problems.

Despite the conflict of technology taking away our jobs, it also can help us find more jobs in less time. HRMS is becoming the standard for today’s HR industry. More and more businesses are adopting this method to help them with productivity and efficiency. That said, this is far from becoming our future, it is becoming our present, and it seems organizations will continuously keep evolving to a world of tech, whether HR, financial, supply chain or more. It is important for HR departments to continuously develop the HR bandwagon to keep up with greater demands. This is why technology is becoming so crucial for HR and the way operations are run.

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